Varicose Veins and Herbal Remedies?

Varicose veins happen to many of us as we age.  Usually, they are visible veins just under the skin surface in the leg area.  They can be embarrassing, and even unsightly.  Without a surgical procedure they are quite difficult to remedy.  So what are your other options?  Some people claim those options to be herbal remedies.  Our experience indicates that herbal supplements cannot eliminate severe varicose veins, but might possibly be a preventative measure before they occur.  Unfortunately the results are controversial at best, as herbal supplements often lack proven medical documentation or published Utah vein patient studies.  Having said that, it is possible that herbal supplements can give the body needed vitamin and chemical balance to increase health within the circulatory system (and hence the veins within).  These supplements may even strengthen veins, while increasing circulation at the same time.  This article will mention some of the more well known herbal supplements that people have used to treat (or prevent) varicose veins.

The Japanese pagoda tree produces a known herbal extract that has been in use since the fifties.  It is claimed that this herbal supplement can increase the overall strength of veins, while improving blood circulation at the same time.

Vitamin K is known to be used by many individuals to treat spider veins.  Vitamin K has traditionally been utilized to assist in blood clotting, so some people believe that Vitamin K can effectively destroy spider veins.

Chestnut extract is an herbal supplement that some individuals believe will repair damaged veins.  Yet other people believe that Chestnut extract can improve performance within the circulatory system.

Although there are many claimed vein treatment Utah herbal remedies, the most effective treatment for varicose veins continues to be proven surgical procedures.  If you have varicose veins and would like more information on treatment options, give us a call today!